Thursday, December 16, 2010


Quick plug for Runkeeper:

I decided to give runkeeper a shot, after reading this article [] + wanting to start ramping up my running [starting to train for a couple more marathons next year] and noticing a friend on FB was using it.

Extremely impressed [besides a few issues in snow and rain] with it so far + It really has turned exercise into a bit of a game- The ability to track my speed, elevation, records/ progress, routes, etc. with something that i'm carrying with me anyway [iphone], combined with the quickly post to FB for encouragement;) makes it a must [try] for any of you that runners out there.

I upgraded to elite [they got me;)] after being a little disappointed with how few statistics the base version had, but think i'll end up passing on the "pro" upgrade for now.

btw.  if any of you check it out, be sure to add me to your "street team" [yes, i'm a running dork] @ username:  brianpatenaude

...  patenaude

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