Wednesday, July 23, 2008

back into the swing...

so! since moving up to seattle, things are going great- my job, the excitement of looking for a new home to buy, my wife and her new job + being near her family, and the weather is finally starting to come around.

but if there's one thing that's suffered, it's been my fitness/ running. without the structure of a marathon training schedule the last few months, it's been far too easy to fit in a few more endulgent nights than normally associated with training to run 26.2 miles- QUICKLY.

so... here we are @ july 23rd, one day before jen and i leave on our vacation in Zihuatanejo, mexico, and SHIT!! ~2.5 months before the marathon, with a measely base weekly mileage of ~25 miles. hmmm... i suppose it could be worse, but i really need to get serious- ESPECIALLY when it comes to getting my speed back up there- for you see, despite the fact that my miles have significantly slowed since my 3:07:53 @ the tuscon marathon in 2006, I!! am on a quest to break a 3-hour marathon [by the end of 2009], all while keeping all elements of my life balanced.

this week's schedule [trying to pack a bit in, because i don't know how realistic it is to expect many miles in mexico, despite packing the asics]:

sunday: 3 mile walk/ run with jen & the hounds
monday: 5 miles on the treadmill @ 39:59 [yuck! i'm fighting 8-minute miles insteaed of 6 or 7's!!]
tuesday: 7 miles outside solo, north kirkland/ juanita route [below]

wednesday: 7 miles with the hounds, south kirkland [below]

stay tuned, and WISH ME LUCK!!

... patenaude