Thursday, December 2, 2010

2011 RACES...

So!  first off, 2010 is finally the year that I think Jen and I will be able to run the NEW YORK MARATHON!  We first started entering the lottery to get in a few years ago [unless you've run a super-fast qualifying time in a sanctioned race (I think it's 3:00 for men)]-  I made it the first year, but since Jen didn't, I held onto my spot by paying [full price= over 100$]...  and did the same thing the next year...  and I believe the next-  Paying every time.  Jen was also entering...  losing out every time.  So! After three misses, and no more bearing children on the horizon [ever], this is our year!...  I think?

Because I'm planning on running @ a more casual pace with Jen though, I'm planning on running a faster one, right before it- that's where the PORTLAND MARATHON comes in!  It meets all of my criteria: close proximity to home, beauty, one month prior to NYC [so that I can easily combine the training for both], and best of all, the specs look pretty fast!  Would be awesome to use it as a springboard into Boston again, which I'm planning on qualifying for @ every age group [every 5 years] from here on out!

In addition, I'm also leaning heavily towards FINALLY running the half marathon here in Kirkland, which I believe allows hounds too!  Would be great to finally put all their training to use.

I've got any early start on the training, this time hoping to get my speed up before adding the distance-  Planning on averaging 15-20 miles + getting down to 7-7:15 min/ mile pace  for the next few months [currently @ 7:30- 8:00 depending on the elevation changes of the routes], before kicking it into higher gear next spring.

SO!  That's the plan!  Wish me luck, and I'll be sure to start getting bit more regular with updates, including a bit of a write up on my love/hate relationship with runkeeper, which i'm hoping to hook up to the blog.

...  Patenaude!

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